About Us

Corebranch consulting is an experienced hands-on software development, design, strategy and management consultancy from Belgium.

Delivering robust and working software
that is easy to adapt to changing requirements

Go fast without destroying design
or long-term maintainability

Corebranch Consulting

How we work

code craft / design / strategy / leadership

Consistently creating value for our customers, we like to go into dialogue, helping to make sound business decisions.

In day-to-day operations we focus heavily on refactoring, iterating fast and writing tested and testable code, using (modern) agile technologies.

Code craft

  • high-quality code
  • robust modules
  • low bug incidence
  • testable code
  • efficient branching strategy


  • smart dependencies
  • maintainable code
  • scalability
  • built-in security
  • predictable and productive delivery


  • adaptability
  • optimized processes
  • efficient hiring & team scaling
  • project management
  • product management bridge


  • long term vision
  • mentoring
  • knowledge sharing
  • training
  • communication


Most recently our focus has been using Python on cloud platforms. We have experience with Java and backend NodeJS development too and are familiar implementing modern industrial protocols and messaging systems.

We try to be technology-independent, picking the technology that makes most sense for our customer and project.



We can help you improve your existing processes or help you with the startup of a new company - bringing over 20 years of experience in international environment, spanning many industries.


  • control solutions : MPC , PID, ...
  • signal processing
  • image segmentation
  • power grid solutions
  • local control
  • distributed solutions


  • gas-processing, refining, petrochemicals
  • laser sorting
  • production
  • energy
  • mobility